Memo is a large-scale decentralized data storage system with high security and reliability built around blockchain.

💻 Memo Phecda(TianJi)

As the test network of Memo project, Phecda(TianJi) basically realSzes the main functions of Memo, including the command line functions of Memo's three major roles (User/Keeper/Provider), s3 interface, etc.The MinIO Go Client SDK provides a simple API to access any object storage service compatible with Amazon S3.Memo provides an SDK based on MinIO.‌

❓The Overall Functions

The overall functions that have been implemented for mefs-user, mefs-keeper, and mefs-provider will also be able to get a more complete experience in the test network Phecda(TianJi). Specifically, it includes:
📨 Provider's role contract setting, storage market, revenue display, etc
📨 User's storage order matching, signing, uploading and downloading functions etc.
In addition, the optimization of the Keeper exit mechanism is also in progress and will be gradually completed.
Last modified 3mo ago